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****Every Beat Will Be Professional, Industry Standard, And Undeniably Hot!****

All New beats will be uploaded on fridays. Every friday there will be 8 new Exclusives and 4 New free downloads for basic and premium members.

Exclusive will be on the site for 3 weeks before they are added to the DollarBeatStore pool, This Gives Artist a Chance to purchase a Beat that has never been leased. First week Exclusives will be on Free Downloads page (at a discounted rate) to present them to our Basic and Premium members first, week 2 and 3 they will be on our Homepage.

As the newest exclusives are added on Friday, the exlusives that have been on the site 3 weeks will be added to the DollarBeatStore pool on the homepage. This keeps the Beat cycle going.

Free Downloads page will be available to Basic and Premium Members only, deffinately send suggestions for the free downloads via contact us page.

Premium Members Get one Exclusive Beat Free, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PICK THE BEAT RIGHT AWAY, Once Membership is purchased they will be contacted with info on the free Exclusive.

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This article is on How to buy beats on the net, article cred Zachery Petersson. Enojoy!

It has become ever so common for independent recording artists and producers to acquire and sell beats on the internet. With this trend comes a lot of site visitors from inexperienced artists trying to acquire beats on the web. An inexperienced buyer will easily over spend for a beat online. This article was written from personal encounter in hopes of giving some insight, not as a challenging set of rules to follow, but a guide. Listed below are items beat buyers ought to know and recognize when getting beats on the web.

Realize The INTRINSIC Value Of Hip Hop Beats And Rap Beats

You can’t touch, bend, break, fold, or smell rap beats. For that matter, you cannot even see them, but in the music sector, we see them being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh … If you think any thing, you will seemingly want to study about http://www.dollarbeatstore.comarticle. but you can hear and fell vibrations from beats, can’t you. This kind of makes music like the wind, so I guess it’s fair to say the music industry is selling \air\… not genuinely, but hopefully you get my point. It really is not the price of the beat but the producer or person you are buying it from.

The actual value of a beat or music is based on an underlying perception of its correct value, perception becoming the keyword. Do not rip your self off by purchasing a beat online for $500 if the producer has no credibility or his or her image and stature in the music industry doesn’t give value to your demo or album sales. Compare Dollar Beat Store contains further concerning the purpose of it. Appear at what Brittany Spears did on her most recent album, take note of the album credits and all the well-known \Producer Powers\ employed, essentially playing a significant portion in her attempt to revive her career.

Some Net Beat Pricing Standards And Averages

The average rate on the Web for a \Non-Exclusive\ beat license is $ – $75. With this sort of license you are essentially leasing or renting the beat for a given amount of time or copies. The typical for an \Exclusive\ beat license is from about $75 – $250. This sort of license gives you full ownership of the beat, as if you developed it your self. Much more popularly noted as \operate for hire\. Note: Some exclusive licenses might restrict resale.

Try To Get in touch with The Producer Just before You Purchase

To get the most for your cash, and safeguard yourself from \beat-jackers\ (folks who steal other peoples beats and resell them) attempt to make contact with the producer 1st to see if he or she is responsive, e-mail or PM appears to be the best strategy. Do not just acquire beats from \Joe Blow\ with out making some type of contact 1st. Trust me, actual beat makers who are definitely vested in their craft make themselves available and they’ll be pleased to hear from you (it builds their ego) and will a lot more than likely operate a deal out with you if you get more than 1 beat from them. If a seller takes a lot more than two days to respond, maintain it moving. There are literally thousands of other producers who will cease at the drop of a hat to make a $20 sale in hopes of repeat organization and a small recognition. Try starting off with producers that you see are already selling beats to other people on the net or have their beats rated high or \Hot\. Certainly they are doing something appropriate and they are much more than likely satisfying other beat buyers wants.

Get It In Writing

When you purchase beats on-line, make sure there is some sort of printable licensing agreement linked with the beat you get. A licensing agreement/contract will explain the rights you have with the beats and the terms under which you could use the beat.

Inexpensive Exclusive Beat

Inexpensive exclusive beats are the best deals to get but there are quite couple of producers out there who are willing to sell you an exclusive beat from $20 to $40. Check out for some of those kind deals. There are not a lot of producers on that site and understandably so, but the internet site became really common for selling low priced exclusive beats a few years ago.

Low-cost Non-Exclusive Beats

The next greatest factor is a low priced non-exclusive. For one more way of interpreting this, please have a gander at: Bear in mind, the catch with non-exclusive beats is that the beat could have been sold several other occasions before you purchase it, so if you are looking for fresh music, make a list of the producers you like on a site and watch their profiles. Great experienced on the web producers know to cycle out old beats and update their profiles with new beats at least every single two-three days.

I’d say a fair price to spend for a non-exclusive beat is about $20. There is an abundant quantity of producers selling beats on the web right now who would fight for your business. On-line producers are nearly a dime a dozen so it is genuinely easy today to get exclusive music for your mix-tape, demo, or album at and quite affordable cost.

For reference, is 1 of the best sites to get beats on. The website has really reasonably priced beats, fast transactions and its effortless to use. You fundamentally click, acquire, and download your beat immediately from a secured link sent to the e-mail address of your picking. Discover further on this affiliated article directory by visiting Plus, you can also immediately download a printable licensing agreement following you purchase beats. The website prides itself in its much more mature, seasoned music producers and beat makers. The majority of these producers are serious about selling beats and are simple to work with. They normally have the Gold or Platinum Membership.

Pleased Beat Getting!.

Rap Beats To Buy

What up!!! So today I will Be talking about rap beats to buy, what rap beats to buy, which rap beats to buy, etc… Let’s start with -rap beats to buy- on the dollarbeatstore, the has two different players on the website, the one the left which is the dollar beat store player, and one on the right which is the Tieb Beatz player (or if you’re on the mobile site, dollar beat store player is first and Tieb Beatz player is second). The Dollar beats store player has beats priced as low as a dollar, with a max price of 9.99, these are all leased licensed rap beats to buy. Some of these rap beats also have fully tracked out lease options as well. The idea for the dollarbeatstore was to give artist a catalog of top quality music at a affordable rate. This particular beat store adds new beats every week. The rap beats you should focus on are beats that cater to your specific style, which is generally what you as an artist like. The good thing about this website is that they allow artist to suggest specific genres for the up and coming new tracks. Now, if artist is under contract with a major label, then generally it depends on what’s in the contract, I mean, the artist can be themselves to a certain extent. Some contracts only allow a certain amount of creative freedom for the artist. The major labels sometimes believe they know what will sell, so they chose songs and tracks for the artist accordingly. With unsigned artist they can generally pick whatever they want. A lot of artist pick tracks that are currently trending, like one would say the Trap Sound is in at the moment. Really it depends on you, that’s how you grow into your sound, if you like the beat, get it!! Thanks for Readding –


Buy Rap Beats With Hooks

Hey Guys, Thanks again for checking us out!! Today we will be talking about when and how to buy rap beats with hooks, Rather to buy rap beats with hooks, if it’s a good idea to, etc.. Great Topic, let’s dive in!!! So, I believe it’s an awesome idea to purchase rap beats with hooks, you know, for maybe a demo or a mixtape, or even your album or single. I mean for one: It brings the song out, Two: already gives you a topic to write about, all you have to do is write verses between the hooks. I mean let’s be honest, even major artist purchase songs with hooks. But There is a couple things to consider when doing so, one of the main things is the licensing and publishing. This may not be something you have to worry about with mixtapes, but if the song is going for sale, you wanna make sure you own full rights to the hook as well, if not own the rights, know what the agreement is. Let’s say the song go viral or get ridiculously hot!!! that person on the hook will be looking for their cut and notoriety, I mean, why wouldn’t they? another thing to consider is the quality of the vocals, the hook have to be mixed perfectly and if possible, purchase the full track out so you will have more control over the way the song is mixed. A lot of online producers, such as dollarbeatstore and others, have beats/instrumentals with hooks as well as the version without the hook. So in short, yes it’s okay and rather awesome to buy rap beats with hooks, but be sure to cover the business end of things if the song is going for sale. Thanks for reading “Buy Rap Beats With Hooks”,


Buy Rap Beats Online

Hey, Thanks again guys for checking out the blog, really appreciate it! Today we will be touching the topic of rather to buy rap beats online, how to buy rap beats online, etc..
So, of course when you buy rap beats online there are so many things to take into consideration, who to purchase from? what license agreement should I choose? Which producer should I go with? etc.. All questions are determined by what you are trying to do as an artist, what projects are you working on? mixtape? Album? Soundtrack/compilation? If you are working on a mixtape and you are uploading the songs for free, I highly recommended getting maybe a few free downloads, there are tons online, or purchasing a couple rap beats for lease. The Has a Beat store that has lease option tracks as low as $1, and at a max price of 9.99. This would be perfect for any mixtape, demo or any project of that caliber. Dollarbeatstore also uploads 8 new beats a week and have 50 free beats on the website, ready to go!! You can actually purchase tracks from any producer, just make sure when you buy rap beats online that they are top quality.

If you are working on an album or anything that will go for sale, you definitely want to buy beats that are fully tracked out, that way you have more control over the mix, also, you may want to consider purchasing the exclusive rights agreement for the beat. A lot of Artist like to still get the producer in the studio, rather than purchasing the tracks online. This is great for making sure your beat is exclusive to you and you only, of course, This may cost the full price of exclusive beats, with the studio time included. In short, you can never go wrong with purchasing beats online, hope this article was helpful in any way- Dollarbeatstore.


Buy Rap Beats Cheap


Let’s talk about rather to buy rap beats cheap, should you? should you not? Let’s get into it. There is nothing wrong if an Artist wants to buy rap beats cheap. I mean, of course it’s affordable, why not go with it. but what is cheap? That depends on the particular artist, cheap for one person may be $20 bucks while cheap for another person is $1500. So there is no exact way to define what cheap is for everyone. On the you can definitely buy rap beats cheap. There are beats on the as low as $1, I mean, That’s Definitely Cheap. You can go on the site and possibly get all the beats for your project under ten bucks. Now, at the same time, don’t cheat yourself going for the most affordable tracks, You definitely want to get good powerful music that inspires you to make something great. That’s the end game, make powerful music. If the music is not good, it doesn’t matter what you invested in it, nobody will listen. If the music is great, you will be rewarded, trust me. That’s what the Dollarbeatstore is about, making great powerful music, top self. Top quality beats. yes, you can definitely buy rap beats cheap, I actually encourage you to buy rap beats cheap, but never let that take away from the reason we’re doing this in the first place. Great powerful music. Thanks again guys for checking out the blog, Really appreciate it, we will be adding to the blog weekly, sometimes daily. Also, On the website,, we are giving away 50 free beats, you can download 50 free beats right at the top of the site. Thanks again. Peace.


Rap Beats Youtube.

Hey guys, Thanks again for joining me, today I will be talking to you about youtube rap beats in all aspects. A lot of music producers today add their rap beats on youtube, and most of the time it’s untagged free rap beats. So if artist are looking for rap beats youtube might be the place where they would want to start. Of course the youtube rap beats is in video format, but there are numerous websites online that allow users to download a youtube video to mp3. Producers Give these beats to artist basically for free. Some Producers add tags to the rap beats youtube, but it’s usually just one or two tags at the beginning or middle. If artist plan on using any of the beats on youtube, they can add comments to the video and ask about the license agreement to the track. A lot of times it’s a basic lease agreement required, sometimes the track is wide opened for the taking. Often the producer add links to their website for artist to follow, these links will lead to somewhere where you can download or purchase (most likely a better quality of) the track. The Dollarbeatstore also adds videos to youtube as well. Not only can you use a conversion website for the youtube rap beats, but you can also download free beats right off the website ( On The Website there are 50 free beats when you subscribe to the email list. So in short, of course youtube is a great source for a lot of things, and rap beats, are one of them. just search youtube rap beats in google, or of course, rap beats on youtube and you will run into tons of them. Also, a lot of producers like to make “type beats” of different artist. Thank you guys for checking out the blog, peace – Dollarbeatstore.


Everything Music Beats!!

Let’s go into the fact that music beats shapes all products and services across the board. Rap beats, hip hop beats, edm beats, dub step, etc.. all beats are literally everywhere all the time. Anytime a brand puts out a commercial, they have to add some type of score music in the back, and a lot of times it’s dance, hip hop or pop. something catchy for the ear, unless the brand already have a theme jingle like McDonald’s “I’m Loving It”. But even McDonalds mixes it up every now and then, so what does this mean? Brands are always looking for beats. What about the score music in movies, most the time it’s either classical strings or music from the actual soundtrack, but now movie score composers are getting more into the dance and hip hop drums, 808’s, etc.. just take a close listen. The advertisements on the radio between your favorite jams, discount tire commercials, movie trailers, all need jingles to keep the listener engaged. We already skip over ads as it is, could you imagine if all ads were just dialogue. Let’s get into one of the biggest industries to date, video games. Beats, beats, beats everywhere. Video games back in the day use to compose a lot of original music, now a lot of games are using actual songs, hip hop, pop, rock etc.  Music are everywhere and brands are always looking for them for their projects. What does this mean for the producer, well, there’s always work available, but also, the market is flooded. have instrumental music in all genres for the lowest price on the net. There are different license agreements available depending on the format of the beats you purchase. If you are ever doing a commercial or any other type of advertisement work online, youtube, radio, etc.. Definitely check out the website. Thanks again for checking out the blog. Peace.


Let’s Talk Rap Hip Hop Beat

Now in days, it’s really no secret, rap/hip hop is one of the (if not the) biggest genres in music history. With this particular post I want to focus on the score music to the lyrics, the beats. Rap hip hop beats have went through some major shifts sonically throughout history.  Beats Originated In the boom bap days with a hard drum pattern and samples, with the advancement of technology music Producers started getting more creative with the rap beats, using synthesizers and beat machines, or just digital software workstations and instruments. As far as genres, Currently it seems the electronic dance music and the trap music is taking over. Dubstep is very heavy as well, and rappers record over all types of instrumentals.  Even independent artist are always online looking for that perfect rap hip hop beat to add to their personal project, rap over, or collab with another artist. It’s no secret of course who the leaders of the new school are when it comes to today’s beats/instrumentals. You have cats like Dj Mustard, Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, Just to name a few.  As far as online Producers, it may seem like the market is flooded, but trust there are so many great ones out there it’s just too many to name. You can basically just search in google “rap hip hop beat” and come up with tons. But if you search for music online you definitely want the top quality music at the most affordable rate, the better the music sounds, the better your project will be. If you are a producer reading this post, I guess it’s good news to you that you will always be in demand, just check live mixtapes or, literally hundreds of projects uploaded every day. Thank You Again Guys For Reading,


Best Rap Instrumental

what is the best rap instrumental this week?

Today we will be talking about the best rap instrumental to date currently. We are only rating current music that just recently came out because there are far too many instrumentals to judge from. In order to critique current music, we would have to refer to just recently released songs, maybe no more than five. Of course, picking the best production is a personal preference which depends on what a person likes or dislike, like more etc.. I’ll let you guys know what I think and you can leave your on personal opinion of the best rap instrumental in the comments, let’s get started. In no particular order…

best rap instrumental

Designer – Panda

Producer – Menace

It’s No secret this track is ridiculously hot, trap drums, string hit every beat drop, repetitive melody that’s crazy addictive. this is true music and since it ended up on Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” record, the original song is getting crazy attention.

Best Rap Instrumental

Drake ft Jay Z and Kanye West – Pop Style
Producer – Sevn Thomas and Frank Dukes, with additional work from Boi-1da and Noah “40” Shebib.

This Beat is straight nuts, 808 trap sound, dark sorta pitched down 8-bit lead bells with a choir lead melody, couple changes throughout. Just an amazing track. This song is really only available through streaming services. (you didn’t hear it from me, but it’s also on this mixtape)

best rap instrumental

Rihanna ft Drake – Work
Producer -Boi-1da Kuk Harrell

This track is pure dance music. Sounds like a Jamaican/Carribean influenced track, nice solid kick drum, subtle snare, chorded pads with an electric steel drum melody. Just awesome. The bass just rides the drum. Not too many instruments, not confusing, just good music.

best rap instrumental

Young Thug – Digits
Producer – London On The Track

If you were not a Young Thug Fan at first, this song will definitely convert you over. The Beat as far as melody, chords composition and instrumentation sounds cinematic. The drums is smooth as butter, hard hitting 808, snare riding the high rattling hi-hats. If not the best rap instrument of today’s music, definitely trending to be.

Best Rap Instrumental

Meek Mill – Problem
Producer – Beat Billionaire

Meek Mill is no stranger to High Energy fast paced tracks that run the club, no question this song is fish grease hot! The notes in the melody reach double time speeds in around the 32 note timing, Chords start to sound a little spooky over the hardest hitting 808 and snare you ever heard. Consistent beat breakdowns every verse end and chorus end. Crash cymbal hit every top of the bar. The song title defines the beat itself, a Problem.

Again, these are just some of my examples of the best rap instrumental to date, Thank you guys again for checking out the Dollarbeatstore Blog. Peace!!



If you’re looking for a place to download free instrumentals, This is the site.

The whole Dollarbeatstore website is built solely around top quality instrumental rap beats at a very low rate and the ability to download free instrumentals. Every Week we focus on uploading the hottest industry standard music production in the dollarbeatstore player.  We work tirelessly to produce nothing but quality music. There’s also options where Artist can download all the beats in the dollar beat store player for a small monthly fee. We are committed to adding 8 new beats to the website every week on Friday. The also have 50 free beats at the top of the homepage when you sign up for our email list. The non-exclusive licensed rap beats are available for as low as a dollar. These prices are ridiculously low, so if there are any artist looking to download free instrumentals, this is the place to do it.

We Specialize in Rap beats, r&b Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Trap Beats, Jazz Beats, Movie Scores, Neo Soul Beats, etc.. What Ever the client wants or needs, the Dollar Beat Store can most definitely deliver. Rap Beats are engineered with High quality, up-to-date software and plugins. Any specific sound that is in demand for the industry today, we produce. We also make custom made rap beats upon request via the “contact us” page. The producer is highly proficient in playing classical, jazz, r&b, gospel, blues, pop, and salsa on keys, this, as well as his extensive knowledge In music theory and composition, gives him the ability to attack a wide range of musical genres. Not only do we have the most affordable rap beats on the net, but we also think outside of the box when creating rap beats. You will hear rap beats like you’ve never heard before. Thanks again for checking out the blog –


New Instrumental Beats Uploaded Every Friday.

What Upp!!! This is the dollarbeatstore blog and it’s strictly about beats, rap beats, hip hop beats, trap beats, EDM beats, New instrumental beats, everything beats. The Reason for the particular post is to stress how often we add new top quality beats to our website. Every week on Friday we add a minimum of 8 new instrumental beats to the dollar beat store player on the home page.  All top quality instrumental music for rap artist and singers working on different projects. The license agreement for the instrumentals are on the home page as well, there is also options for tracked out leases and purchasing exclusive rights. The reason we are committed to adding new beats every week is to keep the music flowing, we have numerous artist of different genres in our network and we want to keep new material for everyone. Beats of multiple genres are uploaded every week, this gives our listeners a wide range of music to choose from. Beats are made with the latest software equipment and mixed and mastered by professional certified audio engineers. We have to make sure the sound is perfect for you.  Our subscribers can also suggest what type of beats they want us to upload to the site via the contact us page. When you subscribe to our awesome email list you get 50 free instrumentals to download ( we don’t spam). The fact that we always add new instrumentals to the site every week, and the fact that you know what day they will be added sets the dollar beat store apart from any other site on the net.  So, in short, if you are looking for a website that always adds fresh top quality material, this is the site. Thanks again for checking out the dollarbeatstore blog. Keep Going!! Peace.